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Shop 17A, Lower Ground
Pavilion Plaza
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(Underground Arcade to Townhall Station opposite City Super supermarket)

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Eye Care

Your eyes are very likely to experience problems during certain stages of your life. You should always be aware the importance of your vision, you may not even acknowledge your eyes are not functioning properly. Here are some tips which could help protect your eyes.

Using Computer

Don’t look at your computer screen too long and try to take breaks every half an hour. It is important to take a break to prevent dry eyes or blurry vision.
Also rememebr to sit at least 50cm away from your computer screen and always keep the screen clean and clear.

During work

If you work in the office or an indoor environment with air conditioning, try to take a break and have some fresh air outside as air conditioning could dry out your eyes and make them uncomfortable. Try to drink a lot of water to keep the moisture balance in your eyes.
For outdoor workers, always wear protective eyewear if possible. Do not engage in tasks which could cause physical injury without clear vision.

Daily Life

Never rub your eyes even when you find discomfort. Close your eyes or gently pull the upper eyelids to cause tears to wash away any objects in your eyes.
Wear sunglasses when you drive or doing outdoor activities to protect your eyes from strong UV. Don’t forget to have an eye test once every 2 years to check the health of your eyes.

Eye Makeup

Never use expired or old cosmetics on your eyes, it may casue eye infections and red eyes. Also never share eye makeup with your friends or family, you may think it is safe but it can cause red eyes or other eye problems.
It is recommended to change your masacara and eyeliner every 3 to 6 months.