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Optometrist Sydney CBD

Optometrist Sydney CBD

Many discount stores and online sites sell cheap glasses. As with many cheap alternatives these are often poor quality. Most cheap glasses are unsuitable or even harmful, though we do occasionally find a decent quality bargain.

Online Eyewear

Research in overseas countries has found that most glasses purchased online were a poor fit. This is a problem that only really started to exist in the age of the internet because glasses purchased in stores could be tried and fitted before purchase. This is obviously not possible with online website stores, and nobody wants poor fitting, uncomfortable glasses. So, this is reason enough to avoid future online eyewear purchases.

There are online sites for prescription lenses, but their services are often poor. This is a serious issue as eyesight prescriptions must be exact. Even factors such as the measurement between the centre of the two pupils need to be exact, and this is something that online services get wrong. Professional optometrists work with far more precise measurements than general online suppliers, and this is vital for getting the right glasses to correct your eyesight. And there is the obvious matter of needing to have a prescription before you place your online order. You need to get this from visiting an optometrist. Last year’s prescription will almost always be out of date.

Regular eye exams, which we recommend once per year, are important. Online services do not provide this. it is especially important to get follow-up exams whenever you have new glasses, to make sure that your eyes and glasses are working together properly.

Some online optometrists had a two-for-one offer on cheap glasses. Clients complained that the two glasses did not last as long as one better quality pair of glasses from other sources.
Cheap Reading Glasses – Optometrist Sydney CBD

This is one of the few exceptions to the cheapness rule. Many stores sell a small range of inexpensive reading glasses. These come with an apparently accurate prescription rating of anything from +3.00 to +1.00.

These reading glasses are actually fine for many people. If both eyes have the same prescription, it is not too difficult to find a pair of inexpensive reading glasses that work, with a little trial and error. But there will be problems if our eyes are different. That will require a pair of prescription glasses from the optometrist.

Cheap Sunglasses

This is where cheap products actually become harmful. Cheap sunglasses often do not filter out UV light. And it is UV light that damages our eyes. The situation is made worse because the dark tint of the cheap sunglasses causes the pupils of our eyes to open, taking in more light, so they take in more UV light and suffer permanent damage.
Either buy decent sunglasses from the Cancer Counsel shop, look for established name brands, or get the sunglasses from the optometrist.

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Our eyes are important. Get the best care and the best quality glasses or contacts from our optometrists.

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