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Is Your Child Nearsighted?

Optometrist Sydney CBD

Optometrist Sydney CBD

A young child may have vision problems and not know it. If the child has always had a vision problem they will have no basis for comparison; they do not know what clear vision looks like. Even if the child struggles, they may be unable to express their situation.


Near-sightedness, technically called myopia, is common, especially in middle aged and older people. It has slowly become more prevalent. Current estimates predict that it will affect 50% of the population in developed countries by the middle of the 21st century. Many people who had normal vision during childhood will develop near-sightedness in their early twenties or by the time they reach their forties.


Of course, optometrist have several ways to help people who suffer near-sightedness.


Signs of Child Myopia – Optometrist Sydney CBD

Does a child struggle to read the board at school? Do they not recognize distant pictures (a cartoon character on a billboard) that they would otherwise recognize in a book? Do they struggle with sports? These are warning signs that the child has some vision problems.


Vision problems in childhood will compromise a child’s education. It will also affect performance in many sports. A child with this disadvantage can easily become discouraged, and possibly depressed. Their compromised eyesight may cause them to misunderstand the things they learn and experience, leading to fundamental misconceptions and frustration. These same children often experience rapid improvement once they are fitted with prescription glasses. The improvement is more pronounced when the glasses are fitted at a younger age. The longer we delay vision correction the more difficult it is to undo bad habits and learning mistakes.

Myopia risks – Optometrist Sydney CBD

Failure to diagnose and treat myopia will raise the risk of developing further vision problems latter in life. Children with fairly mild myopia have a higher risk of glaucoma and retinal detachment than other children. And the risk increases as the prescription increases.


Optometrists have methods to both correct the vision of children with myopic eyesight, and to slow the progress. Spending time outdoors and limiting the use of computer devices will help slow the progress of myopia.


Optometrist Sydney CBD

Have your child tested for eyesight problems. Early diagnosis will help the child’s development, and prevent future problems.



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