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Eyes and Mental Health

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Mental Health and Optometrist Sydney

There is a correlation between eye health and various mental health problems. Sometimes these links, such as a person growing depressed because of vision loss, seem straightforward. But there may be several more links between mental health and eyesight, some of which are quite complex.

Many eye conditions are treatable if discovered in the early stages. These eye conditions may exacerbate mental health issues – it is harder to stay in touch with the world and keep a realistic mental map of what is going on if eyesight is poor, and poor comprehension of the world is correlated with mental illness. So keeping eyesight healthy is one contributing factor in maintaining mental health.

Detecting and treating age-related diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma as early as possible is essential for slowing the progression of these conditions. This early detection and treatment of degenerating eyesight help reduce the associated risk of depression.

The link between eyesight and mental health can go both ways. Stress is a mental health issue. And longer-term stress will cause pressure on the eyes that lead to blurry vision, eye strain, twitching, poor concentration, fatigue, and dry or overly wet eyes. These vision problems in turn can cause further strain on mental health.

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Vision problems in childhood will often affect mental functioning, including mental health. Poor eyesight will prevent a child from studying and learning; it can also affect performance in many sports. A child with this disadvantage will understandably become discouraged, and possibly depressed. Their compromised eyesight may cause them to misunderstand the things they experience, leading to legitimate long-term misconceptions and frustration. Children with eyesight corrected by glasses or other means often have a rapid improvement in many daily tasks. But if this eyesight correction is delayed until later years the associated improvement in performance is less dramatic; the older child or adult has too many accumulated misconceptions caused by the compromised eyesight during their early education.

It is well known that poor eyesight can cause headaches, including debilitating migraines. What is less well known is that over time these migraines can lead to strokes and white lesions of the brain. Eyeglasses that fix vision issues can reduce almost all of these issues.

Vision problems can be a factor in poor mental health. While glasses that fix the eyesight may not completely solve the associated mental health issues, they often bring about a significant improvement. In some cases, the patients with glasses will be able to see and think clearly enough to solve other issues compromising their mental health.

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Make sure that your mental health is not compromised by poor eyesight. Having your vision checked by an optometrist can lead to treatment that reduces stress, headaches, the tendency to depression, poor concentration, mental confusion and which also leads to better eyesight.

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