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Looking After Glasses

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Glasses are an investment. We start wearing prescription glasses to correct our eyesight. The lenses of these glasses are custom-made for our exact eye limitations. The frames are chosen as a matter of aesthetic taste, hopefully, to suit our face, and perhaps our personality. This will all cost us at least some money. So, we should look after our glasses so that they last the longest time possible.

Advice from Professional Optometrist

  • Carry the glasses in their protective case. This will prevent almost all accident breakage when you are not wearing them
  • Take off the glasses with both hands. This prevents repeated strain on the hinges, which otherwise causes the frames to lose shape.
  • Never put the glasses on any open surface, as this can lead to scratches on the lenses. Put them in their case.
  • Take note of the screws that hold the frame together. If they have started to come to lose it is an easy matter to fix them. But once they have fallen out it is all too easy to lose the tiny screw.
  • Clean the lenses with a microfibre cloth and lens spray. Do not use this cloth for anything other than cleaning your glasses.
  • Ask about blue light coatings for the lenses of glasses, especially if you often use a computer. Blue light keeps us awake in the short term and damages our eyes in the long term.

Sunglasses might be prescribed, or a generic pair. Their main purpose is to protect the eye from Ultraviolet light (UV) that will cause damage over time. It is best to wear sunglasses in all daytime weather conditions other than rain, not just on bright sunny days. There is always UV during the day, so sunglasses are always needed for protection. As a bonus, Sunglasses will prevent premature wrinkles around the eyes, especially when combined with a hat.

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Glasses or contact lenses can provide us with clear vision. Find the best option by consulting our optometrists.

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